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  "Writing is
 the key to my soul. I think it's awesome that we can escape into another dimension with characters. Reading will take you far away from reality."

-ReNita A. Burgess

#1 Best Selling Author



       ReNita A. Burgess is a national best-selling author who refers to herself as a southern belle, but she becomes just about anyone she wants whenever she writes. Writing has always been a passion of hers for as long she can remember; it’s her escape place.

        Many find it hard to believe that she has published over 31 books of different genres; horror, romance, inspiration, children’s, suspense... you name it. ReNita has been on both television and radio interviews regarding her collection of books.

            ReNita discovered her passion for writing at the age of 8 years old. She was always inspired by authors such as Ann M. Martin, The Babysitters Club and R.L Stine, Goosebumps. While sitting at the back of class, her teacher noticed she wasn’t paying attention to the chalkboard because she was too busy writing stories and staring out the window.  Just as the teacher was going to argue with ReNita for ignoring the lesson, she suddenly became impressed as she read ReNita’s stories and poems to the class. The teacher even bragged on ReNita’s writing talent to the other teachers. This encouraged ReNita and made her feel proud. 

          The teacher made ReNita promise that she would become an author someday. Little did she know, the encouragement prompted ReNita to stay true to her dream. It is actual proof that ReNita took the advice and has become the talented author she is today.

        When ReNita isn’t busy pounding the keyboard, she’s either working out, watching sitcoms or online shopping. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ashley University; in which she graduated cum laude. She currently resides in South Carolina with her spoiled dog and large family.




          Running for president of the United States is not as interesting if the package doesn't include lies, sex, scandal and revenge. That's what North Carolina Governor William Hardwick III encounters once he is involved with beautiful Broadway actress, Ava Dior. He walked out of her life once before, breaking her heart and as soon as he wants her back a year later, it's too late because she is planning the perfect revenge. 

          Ava does what she has to do in order to get what she wants out of him., she's always played a good actress on stage. She'll be sure to use her talent at her own advantage; even if it requires manipulating, seducing and threatening William.

           She should be careful though. William will do what ever it takes to win her love again, and that's a powerful and natural feeling she wouldn't be able to disguise in her act.

Strangers in My Bed
(The Belin Brothers-Book 4: Malik)

       South Carolina attorney and governor candidate, Malik Belin, has a lot going for him other than his charming good looks and his wealthy family bloodline. He can never seem to control his sexual appetite for different women on different days of the week.

       Nothing can slow this playboy down or tie him down, not until he is smitten by a beautiful single mother who walks into the barber shop with her son one day. Royce and Malik eventually start to date and hit it off after their encounter, until Malik assumes that her feelings for him may not be as true as he assumed.

          While away on a political business trip in Charlotte, North Carolina, this assumption leads him back to his playboy ways and into the bed with two beautiful strangers. When things become messy, Malik's reputation and his hopes to become governor of South Carolina is soon to be ruined, due to a false scandal and publicity stunt from the two beautiful strangers. There is only one question Malik can ask himself: How can he pull this off and still be with the woman he has truly ever loved?





A Stranger's Desire

(The Belin Brothers: BOOK 1-Calvin)

How far will one woman go to have the Belin last name??
Annette DeMornay isn't playing any games. The Haitian beauty has her eyes set on landing herself a doctor; not just ANY doctor, but Dr. Calvin Belin. The oldest of the 5 handsome and wealthy Belin brothers, Calvin is irresistible, smart and just about everything a woman dreams of in a man.
Calvin is known for curing his patients in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, but until Annette lures him with her charm and sex appeal, she'll be the one cure he needs to ease his aching desire.
Everyone seems to adore Annette, but Calvin's ex-girlfriend, Kianna, is curious of this mysterious woman's motive. She is eager to get to the bottom of it and discover as much dirt on Annette as possible. She is anxious to reveal who Annette really is.
And as devious as Annette is, she is sure not to let anything get stand in her way from getting what she desires. She'll do ANYTHING...

Experience The Belin Brothers..5 handsome, wealthy black men and the women in their lives..

Stranded with a Soldier

South Carolina journalism student has packed her bags and is on her way to Nashville, Tennessee for a much-needed getaway. But when she encounters an annoying, but handsome, Army soldier at the airport, things become hectic. He is the most aggravating person she has ever met, and she is the most paranoid and whiny woman he has ever met. The two of them both find themselves missing the flight from Charlotte and are stuck with each other for hours until the next flight. Somehow through all the arguing and the bickering, they start to develop something that leads a little more. What happens when it's time for them to depart? Will their short encounter fly away with a memory? Or will they allow their hearts to travel above and beyond with the clouds? Fasten your seat belts and prepare to take off into the clouds of romance. This will be one flight you wouldn't want to miss!


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